Pronoun Case

What is Pronoun Case?

Pronoun case is a way of describing what a person is doing in a specific sentence. The name pronoun identifies a grammatical unit, sometimes called a part of speech. By contrast, case identifies the prounoun's function in a sentence.

To begin, let's review the definition of a pronoun as a grammatical part of speech:

          A pronoun is a word that replaces or renames a noun or another pronoun.

Since a pronoun can replace a noun, the pronoun can serve any function a noun serves. Look at the following examples:

The same noun can perform any of these functions in a sentence without changing its form. Pronouns, however, change their form.

For example, in the following sentence, the noun Heather may be used either as a subject or as an object of the preposition. Note, however, that different pronouns are required for these different functions:

Pronoun case describes the form a pronoun takes to serve a specific function. The three pronoun cases--subjective, objective, and possessive--will be explained in detail on the following screens.