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Searchable dictionary with links to an online thesuarus, foreign language dictionaries, and other helpful sites; subscribe to a word of the day newsletter
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Searchable dictionary and thesaurus, word of the day, and word games.
Your Dictionary.com
Searchable dictionary and thesaurus with links to foreign language dictionaries
Bio-Tech's Life Science Dictionary
Defines over 830 terms related to "biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology, and genetics."
A Dictionary of Units
A valuable resource for math and physics--defines and converts units used around the world; includes conversion charts and online conversion operators.
Nomenclatural Glossary for Zoology
Based on indexers for the Zoological Record; includes links to online references.
Acronym Finder
Searchable by acronym or by keyword, an exhaustive reference for discovering or unlocking acronyms.
Artlex Art Dictionary
Searchable, cross-referenced dictionary of terms relevant to the visual arts.
A+ Materials Science and Engineering Glossary of Terms
Non-searchable but alphabetically indexed.
Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
Searchable with links to sub-dictionaries in Engineering and Technology; Life, Medical, Physical, and Social Sciences; Math and Computers, along with many other fields.
High-Tech Dictionary
Searchable index of computer terms
Rhyme Zone
Rhyming dictionary; returns words in categories based on number of syllables.
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Search or browse to find the origin and meaning of common phrases and allusions.
Roget's Thesaurus
Search the entire thesaurus or browse by category or alphabetical index; also includes antonyms.
Roget's II Thesaurus
Broader and more inclusive; searchable by keyword, category (same or opposite meanings), and alphabetic indexes.
Encyclopedias and References
Encyclopedia Britannica
By university subscription; available only from on-campus locations.
Encyclopedia Britannica on the Web
A scaled-down version of the subscription database, but still useful for off-campus access; includes links to Web sites, dictionary, and thesaurus.
Columbia Encyclopedia
Searchable, cross-indexed hypertext encyclopedia.
Encarta Online
Searchable by keyword or question; cross-indexed with Web links and dictionary entries.
The Electric Library's encyclopedia with over 50,000 entries; includes picures.
The World Factbook
The CIA's official resource for information about countries around the globe; includes maps.
Searchable by subject; also find the author of a famous quote. Reference library contains historical documents and speeches, some in audio format.
Simpson's Contemporary Quotations
Over 10,000 quotations indexed by author and subject or searchable by keyword.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Searchable by keyword, author, chronology of authors, or alphabetic indexes.
Grammar and Style Guides
The American Heritage Book of English Usage
Search for specific topics or browse chapters on grammar, style, word choice, etc.
TechCom Plus
Resources on steps in the process of producing an effective technical manual.
Strunk's The Elements of Style
A classic writers' reference on writing in plain English with guidelines to follow and errors to avoid.
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Resources for writers indexed under sentence, paragraph, essay, and grammar categories.
Writing Corner
Check out the Resources link for information about publishing and becoming a professional writer.
Literary Resources
The Oxford Shakespeare
Contains the full text of all 37 plays, 154 sonnets, and other poems. Web version of the 1914 Oxford edition of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Poetry is indexed by title/number and first lines.
Database of poetry searchable by author. Also links to references on rhyming and poetic technique.
Search the Bartleby projects archives of full-text reference, verse, fiction, and nonfiction books.
The Children's Literature Web Guide
Links to online stories and authors as well as information about children's literature awards and teaching ideas.
English Online Resources
The University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center's page of online literature in English. Includes modern and Middle English collections as well as poetry databases. Some texts are available to UVA students only, but many are accessible to anyone.
The E-Server: Accessible Online Publishing
The E-Server project hosted by the University of Washington is a gateway page of resources for writers and readers, including online texts, journals, and Websites. An incredibly valuable resource
The Children's Literature Resource
Contains useful links for writers of children's literature, including links to sites with helpful advice, sites for widely published writers of children's literature, and publishers specializing in children's literature. This is a valuable site for those who want to break into the children's literature market.
Other OWLs